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DARMA Cash 团队介绍


所有团队成员将保持匿名。 任何声称是darmacash项目开发人员的人都是一个不值得信任的人。 这是我们对比特币的赞扬,也是我们对密码世界的礼物。

团队成员主要来自密码学、金融和IT行业。 我们有学术权威和行业精英。 每个人都坚持做这个项目的共同理念。 在地理上,我们的团队是一支来自美国、欧洲(英国、荷兰、德国、波兰等)的联合国部队。) 亚洲(日本、印度、中国、韩国)。 每个区域的队友都扮演着重要的角色。 达玛卡什项目的大多数成员相互了解或长期合作。

达马卡什项目是一个实验项目。 我们不能保证我们想做的一切都会成功。 因此,Darmacash项目是不确定的。 我们内部将项目信用评级定义为CCC。 目前,除了3%的预矿代币外,Darmacash项目还没有与任何其他各方达成任何合作或获得任何资金。 正如社区所说,Darmacash项目是一个高度实验性的产品。 请不要盲目相信任何平台或任何人。


Darmacash项目社区由同意我们想法的爱好者组成。 社区的任何成员都与Darmacash项目没有直接关系。

社区是Darmacash项目的重要组成部分。 社区成员协助项目组测试软件,提供建议,并帮助推广Darmacash项目,这些都是Darmacash项目成功的重要组成部分。

达马卡什项目组将为负责社区管理的志愿者提供一定的资金支持,但资金更具象征性。 我们希望每个人都不要把这一努力与财务回报联系起来。

Useful Links:

Website: -> http://www.darmacash.com/

Block Explorer: -> http://explorer.darmacash.com/

BTT: -> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5193031.0

IOS Wallet: -> under work due to Apple's new policy

Android Wallet: -> https://github.com/darmaproject/darma_android-v2

MainNet Program: -> https://github.com/darmaproject/darmasuite-v2

TestNet Program: -> https://github.com/darmaproject/darma-testnet/releases

Daemon RPC: -> https://github.com/darmaproject/wiki/blob/master/Daemon-RPC-documentation.md

Wallet RPC: -> https://github.com/darmaproject/wiki/blob/master/Wallet-RPC-Documentation.md

###DARMA Cash Project###

Team Introduction:

All team members will remain anonymous. Anyone who claims to be a developer of the DarmaCash project is an untrustworthy person. This is our tribute to Bitcoin and our gift to crypto world.

The team members are mainly from the cryptography, finance and IT industries. We have academic authorities and industry elites. Everyone adheres to a common philosophy to do this project. Geographically, our team is a UN force with members from the US, Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, etc.) and Asia (Japan, India, China, Korea). Teammates in each zone play important roles. Most of the members of the DarmaCash project know each other or work together for a long time.

The DarmaCash project is an experimental project. We cannot guarantee that everything we want to do will be successful. Therefore, the DarmaCash project is uncertain. We internally define the project credit rating as CCC. At present, the DarmaCash project has not reached any cooperation or obtained any funds with any other parties except the 3% pre-mine tokens. As the community said, the DarmaCash project is a highly experimental product. Please don't blindly trust any platform or anyone.

Community introduction:

The DarmaCash project community is made up of enthusiasts who agree with our ideas. Any member of the community has no direct relationship with the DarmaCash project.

The community is an important part of DarmaCash project. Community members assisting the project team to test software, provide suggestions, and help promote DarmaCash project which are all important parts of the DarmaCash project's success.

The DarmaCash project team will provide a certain amount of funding support to the volunteers who are responsible for community management, but the funding is more symbolic. We hope that everyone will not link the effort with the financial return.

###DARMA Cash Project###

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