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大家晚上好!我是Obee Network —— singHwang 我来这里向大家介绍一下我们的核心设计产品 Obee Network。

Good evening, everybody! This is Obee Network —— singHwang. I am here to introduce you to our core design product Obee Network.

Obee Network主要是基于区块链社交的激励平台,我们的目标是致力构建普通用户进入区块链社交的第一款社交产品。让用户能在我们Obee Network上看见全球用户的创作,论坛、热帖、应用和电影。让社交没有边界性,随时随地都可以和其他用户分享精彩的瞬间。

Obee Network is mainly an incentive platform based on blockchain social networking. Our goal is to build the first social product for ordinary users to enter blockchain social networking. Let users see the creations, forums, hot posts, applications, and movies of global users on our Obee Network. There is no boundary in social, and you can share wonderful moments with other users anytime, anywhere.

Obee Network是基于NULS的微服务架构,NULS是一个开放性的社区平台,Nulstar的设计使得底层链“模块化”,单体结构的底层链微服务化,以接口的形式提供服务。这些都对Obee Network产品在链上赋能,迎合业务的发展提供了一些便利的地方。

Obee Network is a microservices architecture based on NULS. NULS is an open community platform. Nulstar's design makes the underlying chain "modular" and the monolithic structure of the underlying chain is microserviced, providing services in the form of interfaces. These all provide some convenience for Obee Network products on the chain to cater for business development.


At present, our web application has completed the development of basic functions for the initial user experience. The iOS and Android apps are being tested and debugged. The design of the incentive model in the product is also carefully considered. Later, we will support our products and other high-quality currencies that will be connected to our OBEE wallet. We have been commenting, sending updates, and liking these functions to give participating users TOKEN rewards.

我们的项目从2018年下半年开始进行了一些市场调研,以及可行性的研究,从而确定了我们整个项目的发展方向和定位。2019年时候Obee Network正式开始进行产品的一些基本功能的开发。目前一些基本的功能我们也是设计挺不错的。预计在2020年7月之前我们会发布正式的android,ios应用,以及将Obee激励体系应用到整个产品生态中。

Our project has conducted some market research and feasibility studies since the second half of 2018, thus determining the development direction and positioning of our entire project. In 2019, Obee Network officially started to develop some basic functions of the product. At present, we have designed some basic functions very well. It is expected that before July 2020, we will release official android, ios applications, and apply the Obee incentive system to the entire product ecosystem.

2020年5.22日我们完成NULS平台的首场AMA,并于23日晚20:00正式在NULS POCM平台发起SCO,从而正式开启Obee Network的面世性宣传。

On May 22, 2020, we completed the first AMA of the NULS platform, and officially launched SCO on the NULS POCM platform at 20:00 on the evening of the 23rd, thus officially opening the publicity of Obee Network.

从我们产品的内测用户到正式面世以后的注册用户,给我们的产品无论是功能的丰富性上,还是美观性上给的评论目前都是”pretty good”。这些是我们的产品的图文,已经用户产品内部相关设计给用户带来的画风感受。

From the internal testing users of our products to the registered users after the official launch, the comments given to our products are "pretty good" whether they are rich in functions or aesthetics. These are the pictures and texts of our products, which have been brought to the user's painting style by the internal design of the user's product.

如果想使用这款产品的朋友都可以进我们社交产品里面看一下,并且早期注册社交网站参与发帖活跃社群的后期在激励模式完善后,也将会获得更多的OBEE TOKEN收益的。

If you want to use this product, all friends can take a look at our social products, and the early registration of social networking sites to participate in the post-post active community. After the incentive model is improved,will also get more OBEE TOKEN income.


This is our product poster for this event, directly scan our QR code to enter our social networking site to experience the product, and the poster has my personal WeChat. Friends in the industry and project parties who are interested in cooperation can contact us and hope to make more friends here.

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